We thank the community for your overwhelming support of the Chinatown BID: 


Uptown Radio (4/2011)

The LoDown (12/2010)

NY1 (12/2010)

Crain's New York (11/2010)

Daily News (11/2010)

The China Press (9/2010)

Epoch Times (6/2010)

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Margaret Chin
District 1 Councilmember  

"Let's try to work together to make it happen, and I will be there to support you."


Edmond Braithwaite, Chairman
 Bedford-Stuyvesant BID,
discusses the 20 year effort to form its BID:

 " The startling fact is, as we met with business owners and landlords, we found there was a misrepresentation of what a BID is and what it can do for businesses."

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Business Improvement Districts in other parts of the city have proven to be very successful and it’s my opinion that a BID would be equally successful for the Chinese community. You can see what it’s done for Grand Central, SoHo and other neighborhoods. It’s time for the Chinese community to realize the importance of a BID and the positive potential that it brings. We’ve existed without a BID in Chinatown for many, many years, but how successful have we been without a BID? The benefits of having a BID outweigh the costs.

David J. Louie

President, Chinese Chamber of Commerce

After witnessing the positive impact the BIDs in Flushing and Sunset Park have made for their residents and businesses, I am even more convinced that now is the time for our community to have our own and truly take charge of our future.

Philip Lam
Green City Realty

I have marveled the cleanliness of other communities with BID in downtown Manhattan. I strongly believe we can accomplish the same cleanliness here in Chinatown if our community supports the BID project.

Gabe Mui, American Legion
Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291

My family has been doing business in Chinatown for at least 60 years and clearly this community is an under-appreciated resource. A BID offers Chinatown the opportunity to raise its visibility, pool its resources, and offer cleaner and safer streets to its residents and businesses. By doing so will enhance the prosperity of its businesses, the lifestyle of its residents, and the positive experience of its visitors.

Michael Salzhauer
Benjamin Partners

I believe Chinatown’s businesses need to revitalize, be self-help. People who live in Chinatown need to look and think further ahead toward the future, and be less selfish.  We take from the community and give back to the community.

Mr. Lau
Wonton Garden Restaurant

A Clean Chinatown is an honor for all Chinese!

Mr. Szeng
China Food Import Corporation

BIDs are especially valuable in these challenging economic times.

We need more effective public-private partnerships that develop new and innovative programs to support local business and help them to stay afloat. BIDs have a proven track record of success in a broad range of communities across our city. I am certain that Gateway BID [New York City's 64th BID] will work effectively and efficiently to improve the quality of life for property owners, merchants and residents in the Bed-Stuy area.

William C. Thompson
New York City Comptroller

"It's not prohibitive at all, it's peanuts. The figures I saw were very minor, particularly when you divide it up among so many people the benefits of the BIDs are enormous..."

Dennis Dalton
Chinatown Jeweler

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